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89' O gauge flatcar

Designed with a 1:48 scale deck to look and operate nicely with scale rolling stock, this flatcar is milled out of 3 pieces of white maple with a CNC milling machine.  The 3 pieces are then glued together in a jig. The cedar deck is then separately applied. This custom machined train car is considered O gauge rather then O scale because the trucks are located too close to the ends.



  • 18-8 stainless steel locking inserts are threaded into the deck by machine to ensure perpendicularity

  • Brand new Lionel 100 ton die-cast, sprung, rotating bearing cap trucks

  • Separately applied cedar deck. Every plank is cut to length and sanded to fit, but deliberately left uneven to add character

  • Official brass nameplate

  • 1:48 scale dimensions for a 89' flatcar

  • Deck is 22.25" long by 2.5" wide

  • Operates on 0-72 curves

  • A lip has been milled onto the edges and holes have been drilled to accommodate tiny hooks and chains to hold loads down

  • 6 chain and spring sets will be included with the car. They are cut to length, and the S hooks are bent tightly onto the chains and springs

  • stirrup steps are included

  • pre-drilled locating holes for the stirrup steps


Not accepting orders at this time.

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