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16 axle Schnabel

Designed to operate beautifully with your rolling stock, this model train car is a truly unique piece of art. Rather than a recreation of an actual train car, this Schnabel is an original design. Just as full sized train cars are designed with pure functionality in mind, this car was designed to transport 15lbs on O scale track and negotiate tight 0-45 curves with no compromises.

This train car is sold as a set and can be re-configured 4 different ways to transport any scale load you can dream of! Offered in kit form it will come mostly assembled but undecorated, allowing you to finish it exactly as you please!



  • Original and fully functional design

  • All 18-8 stainless steel hardware

  • All 18-8 stainless steel threaded inserts installed by machine

  • Bronze bushings for vertical pivots

  • Aluminum load binding posts

  • Brand new Lionel 100 ton die-cast, sprung rotating bearing cap trucks

  • Milled from solid white maple

  • Lots of unique 3D CNC machining

  • Features a lifting mechanism allowing great clearance of track side obstacles

  • Includes custom made tool for height adjustment

  • Includes 1 pair of 6" flat load beams

  • Includes 1 pair of 10" flat load beams

  • Includes 1 pair of 10" bowed beams

  • Includes a brace to run car "unloaded"

  • 15lb dynamic capacity (this operational capacity is defined purely by the Lionel trucks)

  • 20lb static capacity

  • Operates on 0-45 track (please see my YouTube video for overhang demo)

  • 2 brake stands included

  • 4 steps included

  • Brass handrails are bent by hand for end platforms

  • Official brass nameplate

  • 3 1/2" tall to top of track while in lowered position

  • 3 7/8" tall to top of track while in lifted position

  • 2 9/16" wide

  • 37 1/2" long (while in longest configuration)

Click here to watch this car

in action


This train car kit comes with everything pictured in the following image


Lowest height position



Fully raised


This is a view of the custom ball end hex driver tool adjusting the height


This is a view of the car running unloaded

The car is modular and loads can be easily changed


Custom loads are available!


Tank expansion pack


The following is a disassembled variac sitting on the short beams included in the standard pack


Please contact Will with questions or to learn about availability.


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