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8 axle flatcar

Designed to operate seamlessly with scale rolling stock, this model train car is truly unique. Rather than a model of an actual train car, this depressed flatcar is an original design.

First designed in CAD and then milled from solid, clear white maple, this car is composed of 9 individual parts. The 3 parts which compose the lowbed frame are glued together in a jig.



  • Original and fully functional design

  • All 18-8 stainless steel hardware

  • All 18-8 stainless steel threaded inserts installed by machine

  • Bronze bushings for vertical pivots

  • Brand new Lionel 100 ton die-cast, sprung rotating bearing cap trucks

  • Milled from solid white maple

  • Lots of unique 3D CNC machining

  • Operates on 0-45 track

  • Official brass nameplate

  • 23.25" long by 2.5" wide

  • Deck is 10" long by 2.5" wide




Photos are of an early prototype. End platforms now have brake stands and stirrup steps installed.

Not accepting orders at this time.

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