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Model Trains


My name is Will Kenly and I design and manufacture custom O-scale model train cars. Each train car is designed to look correct in scale as well as function in a prototypical manner. Generally I don't try and model a specific train car, but rather I take inspiration from one or more full-size ones and incorporate that into my design. Once I have a vision I will fully model the train car using a CAD package.

Once designed and modeled I will do the CAM for all parts and then manufacture the pieces right in my home shop. I use a 3 axis CNC milling machine to do most of the unique part creation. My Tormach 1100 CNC is the backbone of my operation. It allows me to make very unique parts which are impossible to make in any other way. Most of my parts require 3D machining which is very time consuming, even for a CNC milling machine. The Tormach 1100 has a precision of 0.001" and I take pride in maintaining that tolerance across all of my parts.

Below is an example of how the machine carves the complex 3D shapes out of solid planks of wood.


The best part about my wooden models is they have character. I make very few of these and every one is slightly different as they have a personal touch. You're not just purchasing a model train when you order something from me... you're purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of art you can present as the center piece of your rolling stock.

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